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    XmlBeans | classpath problem




      We have problem with Java Callout in Oracle Service Bus pipeline.

      The jar we created references newer xmlbeans jar than included in OSB and therefore we get NoSuchMethodError.

      To be specific the older jar in OSB has no XmlOptions.setEntityExpansionLimit method.


      Anyone had similiar problem?

      Any solutions to this?


      We already:
      * packed jar with dependencies

      * packed dependencies to another jar and set ClassPath in manifest of our original application


      Still probably com.bea.core.xlm.xmlbeans.jar in WLS\modules directory is earlier in class path than our newer dependency.

      As far as we know we cant use dynamic class loader (can't set -Djava.system.class.loader for java callout).

      And we also cant use classloader from code as xmlbeans is used in apache poi.

      We are thinking about using Runtime class to execute java in external process setting good classpath: