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    ODI:multiple threads execution as part of a single session

    Rajneesh Shukla-Oracle

      Hi All,


      Is there a way to monitor/know/find out how many multiple threads are being executed as part of a single session in ODI?




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          Marco Fris

          Hi Rajneesh,


          Depends on your database. In Oracle, I use something like this (you might need to contact your DBA to get access):


          select /*+ NO_PARALLEL */ v.sid, V.serial#,v.user#, v.username, v.osuser, v.module, v.action

          , v.lockwait, v.status , s.event, totalwork-sofar as "Work Left", sq.sql_text

          from v$session v

          ,    v$session_wait s

          ,    v$session_longops l

          ,    v$sql sq

          where   v.sid = s.sid

          and     v.sid = l.sid

          and     l.sofar < l.totalwork

          and     v.sql_address = sq.address

          and     v.username is not null

          order by status, osuser, sql_text;



          This will show all sessions in your database. The ODI ones will have OSUSER = the user the Agent is installed on. Module will be something like 'ODI:1507540409598/11/28701' , with the last part the session id as displayed in Operator.

          The Action column tells you even more. In case of a package or scenario you'll see something like this: 28701/10/1/70

          meaning sessionid of package / step within the package / step within the mapping.


          Regards,  Marco