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    run SODA in package problem




      I’ve some problems running SODA code in a package.


      DB Version:

      Oracle Database 18c EE High Perf Release - Production



      If i run the SODA code in anonymous block it works







      But if i put the code in a package it doesn’t work

      I allready did

      GRANT SODA_APP TO user;



      1. Package.procedure(par..);




      ORA-06550: Regel 1, kolom 8:

      PLS-00201: Identificatiesymbool 'DBMS_SODA_ADMIN' moet worden gedeclareerd..

      ORA-06550: Regel 1, kolom 8:

      PL/SQL: Statement ignored.

      ORA-06512: in "SYS.DBMS_SODA", regel 65

      ORA-06512: in "RDFUSER.PKG_VO_APEX_LD", regel 309


          -- Open the collection

      309:     collection := DBMS_SODA.open_collection('soda_lidia_applications');


      describe           doesn’t give any result.



      Any suggestions what to do?



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          Right, that has to do with PLSQL language itself.


          The workaround is to grant SODA_APP to the procedure from your admin user (the one that can grant SODA_APP):


          grant SODA_APP to procedure mySchemaNameHere.myProcedureNameHere;


          You'd substitute "mySchemaNameHere" for the schema where you have your procedure defined.


          In your case, since you your procedure(s) in a package, you can grant SODA_APP to the package from your admin user:


          grant SODA_APP to package mySchemaNameHere.myPackageNameHere;


          Similarly, you'd substitute "mySchemaNameHere" for the schema where you have your package.


          Quote from our doc:


          If a PL/SQL subprogram that you write invokes subprograms that are in package DBMS_SODA, and if your subprogram has definer (owner) rights, then a database administrator (DBA) must grant role SODA_APP to your subprogram. For example, this code grants role SODA_APP to procedure my_soda_proc, which is owned by database schema (user) my_db_schema:

          GRANT SODA_APP TO PROCEDURE my_db_schema.my_soda_proc;
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            doesn't seem to work.

            grant SODA_APP to pkg_vo_apex_ld rdfuser.pkg_vo_apex_ld;


            Error starting at line : 3 in command -

            grant SODA_APP to pkg_vo_apex_ld rdfuser.pkg_vo_apex_ld

            Error report -

            ORA-00933: SQL-opdracht is niet juist beëindigd.

            00933. 00000 -  "SQL command not properly ended"



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              My fault.

              this works: grant SODA_APP to package rdfuser.pkg_vo_apex_ld;