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    EBS 12.2.6 Frequent error - Failure of Web Server Bridge


      EBS 12.2.6




      Hi ALL,


      We have just upgraded our EBS 12.0.6  to  12.2.6.

      But after a month, we encountered frequent occurrence of >  Failure of Web Server Bridge.

      This happens when oacore_server1 of weblogic  is eating up too much CPU  as in  1,700% usage.

      Cpu usage is very high during this time.

      The program that has high CPU usage,  or consumed 1,697%  is below:

      As the user logins increases,  the  oacore_server1 of weblogic is eating lots of CPU.

      But at the database side there is low CPU/Memory activity/utilization.


      Is this caused by weblogic server  runaway process?

      How do we "tune" weblogic cpu/memory performance?

      Do we need to inscrease parameter values of  connection pool and  oacore_server1?

      What is the maximum value we can use for both parameters?



      Our temporary solution is to bounce the instance, but after sometime it will recrop again.


      Please help what logs to check and how to troubleshoot the issue.



      Kind regards,