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    connection via ssh


      in sqldev4, connecting to a remote instance via SSH jump server is a breeze. In 19.1 it is supper junk and RTFM did not work in this respect.

      Deleting 19.1 and going back to v4 until creating a connection is fixed and back to where v4 is/was.


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          'does not work' - does not tell us anything, there's no way we can help you

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            What is an error message?

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              Gaz in Oz

              Presumably you have set up an SSH host under the "SSH Hosts" dialog.

              You then need to select the SSH connection option under the Oracle Tab in Connections, NOT the BASIC type.

              For example from the View -> SSH:


              Connect the SSH tunnel, supplying remote login password to ssh server, then test the connection with Type set to SSH:

              If you haven't already connected to the SSH tunnel, then you will get prompted for the ssh server password anyway, once all set up as above. No need to pre-connect the ssh tunnel if you don't want to.

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                Hi All - Thanks for the responses.

                If you notice I mention the older version 4 where everything with ssh still sets up and works perfectly and easily.

                So Yes I did set up the ssh host as specified in the docs and that connection is successful, but the connection the db fails authentication (same creds are used in v4 & v19.1).

                v4 for me is fine for now as I am working on 10g, but will continue the effort to figure out the tunneling issue and what error I am making while setting this up. But honestly, the v19.1 ssh setup is convoluted and not as clear as v4. Why?

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                  here is the error:

                  An error was encountered performing the requested operation:

                  IO Error: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection

                  Vendor code 17002

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                    Jim Smith

                    While that message isn't very specific, it usually means a networking error of some sort - wrong host name, no dns resolution, port not open etc.  I expect you've already checked, but make sure all the server details are correct and the same as the working version.