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    Actions link broken


      Actions links (for editing and deleting posts) is not working. It permanently shows the spinning barbers pole of doom instead of popping up the context menu.



      Workaround: reduce the width of the browser window until edit and delete buttons appear due to some responsive CSS rule.


      For some reason this old thread about the same problem was visible in Community Feedback yesterday, but it has sunk back into obscurity today.

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          My action link buttons are working, tested it with Firefox and Chrome.

          Edit: and in IE.

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            Timo Hahn

            My action links are working (Chrome and FF). Looks to be a location (or rolling update) problem.



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              Ok, today i faced the same issue with the action button or while using the reply button here.

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                Stefan Jager

                Looks like a connection problem to me. Your https is not secure, which usually points to a connection problem (If I check a thread it clearly states https in green, not red with a line through it). This could mean that some of the javascript needed to drive the site, buttons etc either doen't get loaded or is not allowed to execute. Compare trying to get the browser's location through javascript: that is only allowed if the website requesting it is using https.


                Advice: do a shift-reload, see if that helps. if not, try somewhere else and see if the problem remains. It may be something in firewalls, routers etc that you have to go through.

                Alternatively press F12 (in Chrome and Firefox at least) to get the web developers window, check the console and the network tabs to see what your browser is reporting (I suspect quite a few errors in there).




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                  For what it's worth, I also experienced this problem a couple of times recently. It's not a browser problem.


                  The problem as such isn't new. I also find that platform responsiveness is getting slower and slower, even though there's nothing happening. The inbox is sometimes unusable and requires reloading to respond to clicks.


                  Speaking of action, most of the forums that I have been following for years are dead and have been for some time. Oracle doesn't seem to care much what's happening with the public community, or am I seeing this wrong? I checked some profiles and many people have apparently left for good, including decision makers. From my perspective, the platform is ill-designed and poorly managed. I guess what bothers me is all the time spent. Somewhere down the road it became an amusement park. Anyone still fancy playing?

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                    Appears to have been a proxy issue. Admins have reconfigured the proxy server and updated certificates which has resolved both the secure connection problem and the OTN Actions issue.

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                      Sorry, I hope you don't mind me asking, but what admins? The ones at your site?