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    Unfolding filtered Package list in Connections navigator/DDL Extraction - terribly slow


      SQL Developer, Version

      Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production


      For a view days the unfolding the package list in the connections navigator is terribly slow. The filter results in two packages, but I have to wait 3min+ instead of a few seconds.

      Till a few weeks ago, this has been significantly faster.


      What may be the reasons for this declined performance?

      I think in TOAD DDL-DESCRIBE with F4 declined in it's speed, too.

      Not sure if this is a problem of SQL developer or of my DB system. When I get to a recently cloned test-System., this is slow, too. An older test system is as fast as expected.


      Can I do something to generally speed up DDL-Extractions in the target DB-system?