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    ODI Studio Reinstall??

    Charles M

      Hi All,


      We have the ODI studio installed/running on the application server along with the J2EE agent, WLS, ODI_HOME, etc. Recently, there were some changes at the server-level, whereby the OS owners' home directory was moved to a shared mount point. The issue that is occurring for us now, is that we when we try to open the ODI studio and make a connection it brings up connection information from another instance. It seems like this is because the wallets are now pointing to the same path??


      Do we need to reinstall one of the instances to change this, or can we make configuration updates and/or move the wallets on-the-fly? Please let me know if I have explained this well, or if I need to clarify anything further ...


      ODI (as part of Bi Apps 11g)