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    Pre-clone Error for AppsTier


      EBS 12.2.8




      Hi ALL,


      We restored our ebs backup to a Disaster Recovery (DR) server.

      We copy also the old oraInventory folder to the target server, But is seems it got canonical error when running preclone task.

      It seems oraInventory was messed up. How do I recreate oraInventory?


      I am running preclone on our DbTier and it was successful.

      But when I run preclone on our AppsTier, I got following error:


      $ perl adpreclone.pl appsTier


      Log file located at /u02/appv1228/V1228/fs1/inst/apps/V1228_trnsrvr/admin/log/clone/StageAppsTier_07080924.log


        |     20% completed

      ERROR while running Stage...

      Mon Jul  8 09:25:34 2019


      ERROR while running perl /u02/appv1228/V1228/fs1/EBSapps/appl/ad/12.0.0/bin/adclone.pl java=/u02/appv1228/V1228/fs1/EBSapps/comn/util/jdk64 mode=stage stage=/u02/appv1228/V1228/fs1/EBSapps/comn/clone component=appsTier method= appctx=/u02/appv1228/V1228/fs1/inst/apps/V1228_trnsrvr/appl/admin/V1228_trnsrvr.xml showProgress ...

      Mon Jul  8 09:25:34 2019


      START: Creating FMW archive.

      Running /u02/appv1228/V1228/fs1/FMW_Home/oracle_common/bin/copyBinary.sh -javaHome /u02/appv1228/V1228/fs1/EBSapps/comn/clone/FMW/t2pjdk -al /u02/appv1228/V1228/fs1/EBSapps/comn/clone/FMW/FMW_Home.jar -smw /u02/appv1228/V1228/fs1/FMW_Home -ldl /u02/appv1228/V1228/fs1/inst/apps/V1228_trnsrvr/admin/log/clone/fmwT2PStage -invPtrLoc /etc/oraInst.loc -silent true -debug true

      Script Executed in 2103 milliseconds, returning status 255

      ERROR: Script failed, exit code 255


      SEVERE : Jul 8, 2019 10:24:40 - ERROR - CLONE-20435   Some of the Oracle Homes are excluded during copy operation.

      SEVERE : Jul 8, 2019 10:24:40 - CAUSE - CLONE-20435   The following Oracle Homes were excluded during copy operation.

      [/u02/appv1228/V1228/fs1/FMW_Home/Oracle_EBS-app1, /u02/appv1228/V1228/fs1/FMW_Home/webtier, /u02/appv1228/V1228/fs1/FMW_Home/oracle_common]  , and possible causes were:

      1. All the Oracle Homes were not registered with one OraInventory.

      2. If all Oracle Homes were registered with a single custom OraInventory, then corresponding inventory pointer file was not provided to T2P operation.

      3. Canonical path of Oracle Home registered with OraInventory was not child of Middleware Home.

      SEVERE : Jul 8, 2019 10:24:40 - ACTION - CLONE-20435   Make sure that all possible causes mentioned in above CAUSE section are taken care.

      SEVERE : Jul 8, 2019 10:24:40 - ERROR - CLONE-20218   Cloning is not successful.

      SEVERE : Jul 8, 2019 10:24:40 - CAUSE - CLONE-20218   An internal operation failed.

      SEVERE : Jul 8, 2019 10:24:40 - ACTION - CLONE-20218   Provide the clone log and error file for investigation.

      java.lang.Exception:  Some of the Oracle Homes are excluded during copy operation.

              at oracle.as.clone.cloner.builder.CreateClonerBuilder.showMessageIfAnyOHIgnored(CreateClonerBuilder.java:1356)

              at oracle.as.clone.cloner.builder.CreateClonerBuilder.getMWAndOHCreateClonerObjects(CreateClonerBuilder.java:226)

              at oracle.as.clone.cloner.builder.CreateClonerBuilder.getCreateClonerObjects(CreateClonerBuilder.java:147)

              at oracle.as.clone.cloner.builder.CreateClonerBuilder.getClonerObjects(CreateClonerBuilder.java:133)

              at oracle.as.clone.process.CloningExecutionProcess.execute(CloningExecutionProcess.java:91)

              at oracle.as.clone.client.CloningClient.executeT2PCommand(CloningClient.java:236)

              at oracle.as.clone.client.CloningClient.main(CloningClient.java:124)



      Please help...


      Kind regards,


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          Maaz Khan

          Hi Jc,


          1. Please check central global inventory.xml

          <s_base>/oraInventory/oraInst.loc will give you location of your global central inventory

          for your environment. Once you have got your oraInventory location, please check for file



          inventory.xml will give you list of all products registered under that inventory.

          It should ideally give you entries for

          Oracle 12c db home

          OHS webtier


          apps-tier home

          10.1.2 home


          Above entries will be for both fs1 and fs2.



          Please check context variable s_ebs_central_inventory- must be set to true.



          Please check "oraclehomeproperties.xml" file located under the ORACLE_HOME local inventory specifically for

          [/u02/appv1228/V1228/fs1/FMW_Home/Oracle_EBS-app1, /u02/appv1228/V1228/fs1/FMW_Home/webtier, /u02/appv1228/V1228/fs1/FMW_Home/oracle_common]


          Files for your environment-





          Please make sure PROPERTY NAME is set correctly specially Home locations.

          Reference -

          12.2 E-Business Suite FS_CLONE / ADPRECLONE.PL Fails With Error 'CLONE-20435 Some of the Oracle Homes are excluded during copy operation' (Doc ID 2219333.1)




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            Thanks Maaz,


            Actually all the OracleHomes are existing in the oraInventory since I  just copied it from source to target.

            Folder locations are also identical.

            But how did it know that it does not originate from the current server?


            Solution was to add it to the new OraInventory:


            Doc ID 1586607.1   - EBS R12.2


            How to Recreate oraInventory inventory.xml

            cd /u02/appv1228/V1228

            grep ORACLE_HOME_NAME fs*/*/*/inventory/Clone/clone.xml


            Attach Home.sh (need to be run 1 by 1)

            cd /u02/appv1228/V1228/fs1/EBSapps/10.1.2/oui/bin

            ./runInstaller -silent -attachHome ORACLE_HOME="/u02/appv1228/V1228/fs1/EBSapps/10.1.2" ORACLE_HOME_NAME="V1228_TOOLS__u02_appv1228_V1228_fs1_EBSapps_10_1_2"

            ./runInstaller -silent -attachHome ORACLE_HOME="/u02/appv1228/V1228/fs2/EBSapps/10.1.2" ORACLE_HOME_NAME="V1228_TOOLS__u02_appv1228_V1228_fs2_EBSapps_10_1_2"

            ./runInstaller -silent -attachHome ORACLE_HOME="/u02/appv1228/V1228/fs1/FMW_Home/Oracle_EBS-app1" ORACLE_HOME_NAME="OH1398465509"

            ./runInstaller -silent -attachHome ORACLE_HOME="/u02/appv1228/V1228/fs2/FMW_Home/Oracle_EBS-app1" ORACLE_HOME_NAME="OH1367445702"

            ./runInstaller -silent -attachHome ORACLE_HOME="/u02/appv1228/V1228/fs1/FMW_Home/webtier" ORACLE_HOME_NAME="OH1010545289"

            ./runInstaller -silent -attachHome ORACLE_HOME="/u02/appv1228/V1228/fs2/FMW_Home/webtier" ORACLE_HOME_NAME="OH13472936"

            ./runInstaller -silent -attachHome ORACLE_HOME="/u02/appv1228/V1228/fs1/FMW_Home/oracle_common" ORACLE_HOME_NAME="OH377359137"

            ./runInstaller -silent -attachHome ORACLE_HOME="/u02/appv1228/V1228/fs2/FMW_Home/oracle_common" ORACLE_HOME_NAME="OH444365890"



            Kind regards,