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    Contacts in each step of a campaign canvas




      Does anyone know if there is a way to set up a report in such a way that the report will show for each contact in a canvas, on which step that contact is?

      If there are e.g. 10 wait steps on the canvas, can we report something like this:


      Contact     Wait step

      A               2

      B               6

      C               1




      We have a canvas that offers assets along the buyer journey, with wait steps in between.

      In order to report on 'where are the contacts on the journey' it would be great to have an overview like this.

      Right now I need to go into each wait step and manually count the contacts for each of the countries that are in the campaign.

      Really involved...


      Thanks in Advance,


      Martina Sanders

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          Mr Thee

          I can't think of a way this is possible.

          If you only wish to do this for one canvas you could add additional update rules in between to log where people are in the flow directly in a contact field.


          Maybe someone else has some ides...

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            Hi Martina,


            Off of the top of my head, aside from any sort of API work - what if you made shared lists for each "junction / branch"?  If they made it into Country A, add to Shared List for "A".  Once they exit that particular junction point, remove them from the shared list.


            The report itself would run off of the OBIEE contact lists object where you'd use the contact list name and total contacts measurement.  You can then apply a filter onto it afterwards to only focus on the specific shared lists for the designated junctions / branches.


            Let me know if this would work and I'll be more than glad to show you a sample report if you have the time!


            Best Regards,

            Hong Tai Lee