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    ODI 12c change physical schema



      I am not an ODI developer, but am suddenly responsible for an ODI instance.  We have a new source database (ORACLE), identical in structure to the old, but with a new name.  My question is, is it possible to modify a physical schema once it has been established?  Can I 'repoint' to the new database without modifying every package and scenario? 


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          Rodrigo Radtke Souza

          Yes, you may modfify the physical schema without any need to modify your code. ODI works with the Logical/Physical/Context concepts, so your code is pointing to a logical schema only (not to a real DB). This logical schema then points to a physical schema when used in a specific context. With this kind of Logical/Physical/Context concepts, ODI allows you to modify any physical detail without change to the code itself.


          By the way, congrats on the new gift (your ODI instance)