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    Migration from OWB to ODI

    Rudolf Tuljo


      Does anybody know if Oracle has plan to release patch or new migration tool for migrating to (2) directly?


      We can not go with one-time migration to and afterwards, upgrade repository to since we must do migration in chunks.


      Also, we are not sure if export - import from to should always work?


      tnx a lot

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          Marco Fris

          As for your first question: I would be very surprised if the migration tool would get upgraded. Upgrade paths needing intermediate versions are pretty common with Oracle. I'd plan to have the intermediate version around for as long as your migration lasts.


          As for the second one: from my limited experience, importing exports into works fine, or better: not worse than to There are issues with importing scenarios, but those have been around a long time. Regenerate the lot after import. (Do it in a procedure, that will save you a lot of time).

          If you import into an execution-only repository you can't regenerate. In that case pray to the deity of your choice.


          And please use Smart export/import.

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