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    Field Completness Report

    Eric Fiato

      There used to be a field completeness report as part of the database health. Does anyone know where it is now?

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          Go to Shared list Module, At right top click ">>". You can reach field completeness report.


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            Eric Fiato

            Thanks for your response!


            I was able to locate this, but will this show me a snapshot of ALL reachable contacts in our database and stack rank by % populated? I can select "All Contact Fiedls" which is what I want, but I don't see way to get a holistic view...


            For example, before it would show something like:


            Emails Address: 100%

            First Name: 98%

            Last Name 98%

            Company: 94%

            Title: 70%

            Business Phone: 64%



            I want to benchmark where we are now before I deploy some progressive profiling & nurtures.