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    jdbc connection error - after deploying an API to oracle web logic server




      I am encountering trouble to connect to the oracle autonomous database. The api works locally, but not when I start to deploy it.


      It gives the error: Failed to obtain JDBC Connection; nested exception is java.sql.SQLRecoverableException: IO Error: Invalid connection string format, a valid format is: \"host:port:sid\"


      in my code, i have the connection string as: ADW_JDBC_URL = "jdbc:oracle:thin:@<adw.service.alias>_low" + "?TNS_ADMIN=<wallet.location>";

      and then in my wallet folder, i have a tnsnames.ora file which specifies what  <adw.service.alias>_low is.


      I am not sure why after deployment, this code does not work any more. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks