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    How to retrieve and assign values to LOV in a child region from controller?


      How to access a child region (stacked layout) within a parent page's controller.  I am extending OIEPageCO where I need to read a task LOV value, and assign a value to the project LOV.  These two LOV are part of a stackLayout (child region).  I am using the code below.    The issue is that it is reading a null value for projnumlov (via OAMessageLovInputBean).  I was wondering how to retrieve an attribute value and assign an attribute value for LOV fields within a child region ?


         <oa:stackLayout id="TaskLayout" extends="/oracle/apps/ap/oie/entry/accounting/webui/TaskLayoutRN" prompt="Task" rendered="false"/>

         <oa:stackLayout id="ProjectLayout" extends="/oracle/apps/ap/oie/entry/accounting/webui/ProjectLayoutRN" prompt="Project" rendered="false"/>



        OAMessageLovInputBean projnumlov = (OAMessageLovInputBean)oaWebBean.findIndexedChildRecursive("ProjectNumber");

                            if (projnumlov != null)


                              projnumlov.setValue(oaPageContext, lprjnum);

                              OAFormValueBean projid = (OAFormValueBean)oaWebBean.findChildRecursive("ProjectId");