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    strange network adapters on Win7 vbox guest


      VBox 6.0.8

      Host machine: Win 10

      Guest machine Win7


      I haven't fired up this particular vbox guest in quite some time and don't have any notes on the specifics of how I did the network config.  But when I was unable to get a remote desktop connection to it I discovered some 'oddities'.


      First, at the vbox management console, I have configured this guest just like all of my Windows and Linux guests - 2 NICs, one NAT and one HOSTONLY.  Here's a shot of those configs.  Note especially the MAC addresses for each:




      But checking 'ipconfig /all' at the guest, I see THREE adapters, and the one identified as 'virtualbox hostonly' has a MAC address not reflected above.  Instead, the two MAC addresses above are associated with 'Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection' and 'Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection 2':



      On another Windows guest (Win Server 2012), ipconfig shows only two adapters, whose MAC addresses match perfectly with what the VBox management console says.


      The only one of the guest IP addresses that I can ping from the host is, the one for the adapter identified by 'ipconfig' as the hostonly adapter, not the hostonly adapter as identified by the VBox management console.


      Can anyone explain what's going on with my WIn7 guest, and how to correct it?