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    How to make the XDisplay windows server as HA (High Availability  Active/Active with F5) in EBS R12


      We are using the EBS R12.1.3 in a multinode environment

      Here are the node details.

      1 - Database/Admin

      2 - Internal web servers/forms

      4 - External web servers

      1 - Xwindows display server - for the Bitmap graphical report .


      We recently have issue with the XWindows DISPALY server and the server been down for a while so all the required bitmap reports failed.. as a temporary soln we updated the DISPLAY server settings in the EBS configuration file to point to the working server of another instance.

      Since at this time xWindows DISPALY server is a single point of failure we are planning to create 2 vms behind F5 load balancer and install the Exceed DISPLAY service in those 2 VMS and give the F5 server name as the DISPALY server name in the EBS configuration files.

      Is this works? is F5 support this kind of feature since we are not using any app/port services here . it is just the local windows exceed service.

      Is EBS supports this Active/Active exceed DISPALY settings with F5 server.. are there any issues we see while running any bitmap reports and in the middle one of the active server that been used by this report goes down..

      Greatly appreciate any help/comments  on this.