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    Trigger campaigns/emails based on time of day

    Matthew Phillip

      I'm setting up an Abandoned Cart campaign and looking to see if I can trigger campaigns/emails off of a time field.


      Once someone starts our "buyflow" (what we call our digital buying process) we capture timestamps each time a page of the buyflow is submitted. I have this field in Salesforce syncing over to my Eloqua contact in the 'Last Buyflow Submission' field. This is a date field with the format "MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss" which always updates so we capture the most recent timestamp.


      I would have a decision step that checks to see if the form (i.e. buyflow) was submitted. If the answer is 'no' then I would want to check if that 'Last Buyflow Submission' field has a timestamp with the last 1 hour. If so, the contact would receive the abandoned cart campaign.


      Having the "hour:minute:second" format in there leads me to believe I can make decisions based on this value. However, I can't find anything in my campaign canvas that will allow me to do that. I've got the Date Decision, Date Calculator and Compare Date apps and I'm not seeing a way to get this granular.


      Any ideas? Thanks!