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    need help in oracle retail (retek part)

      Hi everyone,

      I need to know more about Retek (other than user guides that r available online). Is there any discussion forum/website, where we can learn about functional aspects of Retek.

      Please help

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          You may download Retek documents at website http://download-west.oracle.com/docs/cd/B31318_01/rms/docset.html. The functional aspects are given in the document under User Guide. Hope this helps.


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            What about the RDW part? RETL?

            I am testing the latest RETL framework with the JAVA API - 12.0. I have worked since the very first 9.3.

            Is Oracle planning to switch everything from the KSH+XML to JAVA? Isn't this API still a little bit non robust? Why do we have everything standard in KSH and not in java already?

            Is it possible to share ideas and bugs with someone regarding this technology and future plans?

            Alvaro Silva
            DW Systems Analyst for Enabler/Wipro