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    Suite8 POS

    Migle Sipelyte HRS

      Dear team,


      Could You please be so kind and share Your experience regards Suite8 POS: does the fiscal interface needs to be developed according each country or the same fiscal interdface works as for Suite8 PMS? What is the lowest Suite8 PMS version in order Suite8 POS could work? What are HW requirements for Suite8 POS.

      Thank You very much in advance.

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          Hi Migle,


          system requirements are the same like Suite8 needs. Atm we are using the WS620 which works fantastic with POS8.

          Fiscalisation will be coded for each country, what I know. You cannot use the fisclisation from Suite8 so far.

          POS8 runs very good with WIN10 and minimum version 89610 Suite8. newest version 8.13.x is also quite good.