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    LKM Oracle to Oracle Pull (DB Link) - Context Driven





      We have multiple cloned target schemas on an Oracle data warehouse and we have multiple source Oracle databases, each with a cloned source schema. We have a dedicated DB link for each source database. We are looking to use the "LKM Oracle to Oracle Pull (DB Link)" knowledge module to load the data from the multiple sources into the multiple targets, using dedicated contexts. This configuration exists in our test environment.


      All of our requirements would be met if we could make the "SOURCE_ACCESS_DB_LINK" value dynamically driven by the "Instance / dblink (Data Server)" value defined for each physical data server, ie odiRef.getInfo("SRC_DSERV_NAME").


      I have tried unsuccessfully to enter variables  and different variations of the odiRef call to the "SOURCE_ACCESS_DB_LINK" option in an attempt to populate it dynamically at execution time, though I assumed that it will only accept literals. I can successfully hard code a single DB link name, though this will not meet our requirements. We do not want to drop/create the DB link each time as this seems unnecessary and will cause conflicts if two load plans are executed at the same time.


      I installed ODI so that i could view the Global KMs, though we do not have experience with developing such. Ideally we would like to inject the odiref call to get the DB link name into a copy of the global LKM.


      Has anyone been able to make the DB link LKMs work with multiple database links?