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    19.1 - Worksheet stopped opening, possibly after a Windows update

    Glen Conway

      I just noticed that my worksheet no longer opens automatically upon opening a connection.  It had been working fine since I downloaded it 3 months ago.


      Same thing if I explicitly request a worksheet via the context menu (Open SQL Worksheet).


      In the Logging Page, I get:


      I tried deleting my Roaming\SQL Developer\system19. settings twice, once with migration from 18.4 and once without.  Nothing works.

      I also tried running SQL Developer as Administrator.  Nope.


      The only change to my system seems to be some Windows Updates:



      I haven't tried backing those out yet, but I will probably give it a try.  Also, Microsoft is warning that I should move from Windows 10 - 1803 to 1903.


      Usually weird things happened to others, but I guess it is my turn this time.  Any ideas?  And, especially, does anyone know what is going on at line 526 in

      null at oracle.dbtools.worksheet.editor.OpenWorksheetWizard.openNewTempWorksheet(OpenWorksheetWizard.java:526)