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    OBIEE Data Visualization Projects


      Hi all,

      We have upgraded to OBIEE since we came to know that there is support for DV's in this version. So that end user can develop his own visualizations out of the box and explore the data.Earlier we have OBIEE reports  and whenever we need to deliver any change in OBIEE reports they used to bundle RPD and  catalog and deliver it as a release and if we have any shared reports that all users in the application are allowed to access, we used to keep them  in shared folder.Now when we upgraded the OBIEE version, we wanted to move towards dv's and how do I give all the developed dv's   for deployment.Ya I know I can export the dv's as .dva files, and then  the user need to explicitly re-import them is one option I can think off.Is there any option,where we can publish  the dv's   so that when the end user logins he can see all the dv's that were delivered without his intervention to import projects,



      I am still in the process of making myself familiar with OBIEE,so please correct me if my understanding is wrong.