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    BI Apps Dev/Tst/Prd migration plan


      We are in the process of migrating BI APPS 9 to which was installed and configured using the silent install.


      The silent install produced a Master Repository and a Work Repository using the same DB schema. The work repository is a design repository. DEV11_ prefix.


      Following the same logic when installing the TST environment, this also produced a Master and Work in the same schema, also a design repository. TST11_ prefix. I assume the same process will give me an identical set up in production as PRD11_


      Having a design repository in TST and PRD does not seem logical to me, but I have also found no guidance regarding change release of DEV objects into TST or PRD environments.


      Before I start configuration of TST, can someone guide me on best practice here? I cannot find any documentation relating to this. Ideally I would not want a design repository in TST/PRD, but given the work and master have been configured with the same schema, I an reluctant to mess around with the work repository unless absolutely necessary. I also do not want development changes to have to be replicated in multiple environments so a simple scenario migration would be the logical option for me.


      I also want some guidance on the generated load plans since many of the variables are hard coded during the load plan generation from the web console.