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    SQL Dev 19 crash when adding File Type



      I am trying to add the file type *.trg as a PL/SQL type, so that when I open a file with extension trg in SQL Dev, it will open in the PL/SQL editor. Se the image.

      1. selected File Types in the Preferences
      2. Clicked Add and added the trg type, specified PL/SQL and Text and deselected Open with SQL Developer
      3. If I now click OK SQL Developer crashes.

      There is no message, it just closes without any notice.


      What am I doing wrong?



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          Glen Conway

          Maybe you are not doing anything wrong.  I followed your example and it worked fine for me.  No crash.  If I request "Open with SQL Developer"  I do see this failure in the the CMD console:


          It is unable (Windows 10, not running as administrator, if that even matters) to create the file association.


          So you are saying that, after the crash, if you restart SQL Developer the Preferences File Types do not show that .trg got saved and that opening a .trg file does not open it in the Code Editor?