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    Rule question regarding totals


      I need advice on how to create a rule that has: instantiated models that contribute to a total and then based on that total, we are calling out kits. 


      The rule requirement is: If the total system (model) amperage is > 12, then call out cooling kit A. If the total system amperage is < 12, call out cooling kit B.


      Model 1 (PTO Model)

      Model 1a (ATO Model)

      Model 1b (ATO Model)

      Model 1c (ATO Model)


      Each of the ATO models above have a property called 'Amps'. We store the amperage of each of these ATO models in this property. As the model is configured, we add this property 'Amperage' to a Total on the PTO model. Then, based on this total, we call out cooling kits.


      My issue is that I cannot get the optional instantiated models to contribute to a total unless all the models are selected (almost acting like an 'alltrue').  I just want that every time a module/model is added to a configuration, that it adds to a 'total amperage' bucket.  Once done configuring, then based on this bucket total, call out a kit.


      Any one have any experience or encounter the same need? 


      Thanks in advance,


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          Nikole Bensing

          Can you share the CDL you are trying?


          I am thinking something like this should work:

          Contribute 'Model 1a'.State() * 'Model 1'.Property("Amps") to 'Amp-Total';

          Contribute 'Model 1b'.State() * 'Model 1'.Property("Amps") to 'Amp-Total';

          Contribute 'Model 1c'.State() * 'Model 1'.Property("Amps") to 'Amp-Total';

          Contribute 1 * AnyTrue('Amp-Total'>12) to 'Cooling Kit A';

          Contribute 1 * AnyTrue('Amp-Total'<12) to 'Cooling Kit B';