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    R12.1 External Web Tier Can't Be Reached in FF or Chrome, but works in IE11

    Jack Hawk

      We have setup an external web tier for R12.1 behind a reverse proxy in our DMZ. We are using SSL termination at the reverse proxy and have removed the # for the s_enable_sslterminator parameter.


      We can reach the reverse proxy internally using Firefox (FF), Chrome and IE11.


      However, outside our network, we can only reach the reverse proxy using IE11.


      Firefox shows "performing a TLS handshake to <server>" in the bottom status bar and eventually the connection times out.


      Chrome's status bar says, "Establishing Secure connection" but gets to the redirection page with "The e-Business Home page is located at <url> If your browser doesn't automatically redirect, click here" before showing the message "This site cannot be reached."


      Both Chrome and Firefox are up to date.