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    OAF conditional table row disable enable


      I have a usecase to conditionally disable/enable table rows based on a column value in the same table. Please advise if there are any working examples of the same

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          Dear User,


          1. You need to create a transient attribute in your view object.


          2. Once Transient attribute got created you need to Build a SPEL function and attach it to each column of your table


          You Spel will be like this


          ${oa.MYVO1.ReadAttr} (MYVO1 is my view instance table)



          Assign this function to each of the column of your advance table , just like this




          3. On the basis of status change, you want to make certain field non-editable.  Go to ViewROWIMPL class of your java file


                  if ("PROCESSED".equals(getProcessStatus()) || getProcessStatus()=="PROCESSED"))
                    return Boolean.TRUE;
                    return Boolean.FALSE;