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    UltraSearch Questions


      1. I want to know if any connectivity can make between UltraSearch and Google
      or any 3rd party search engine for Search Results.

      Take an Example:
      If I give Search term, the results should fetch from UltraSearch schema and
      also UltraSearch should fetch values from google/3rd Party search engines for
      the same Search term.
      Is this option available in UltraSearch?

      2.Can you list the few major Organisations who all using Oracle UltraSearch.
      where can find these details in the oracle sites.

      3.Can Oracle or IBM provide certification for using ultrasearch query API on

      4.Whether Meta translation capability while searching is available in
      i.e. If I give search term in Japanese language in the search field , apart
      from getting matching result from Japanese and also for the search word, if
      same meaning is available in english language, then whether those results are
      also will be displayed.

      5. If I use Sybase database, how to connect to Sybase database through admin
      tool.. whether we have to use User defined datasource to connect to Sybase.
      Generally for non oracle database, how to connect?.

      6.Now UltraSearch is no additional license cost.But in future whether it will
      be made to pay license cost.