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    Using Design Templates to format column names?


      We have a large database that was designed and developed using Oracle Designer and are looking to start using Data Modeler for future development work.

      In Designer you could define an entity short name, and when generating out to a table there was an option to use this as a column prefix as well as for naming keys – eg to generate a column called PROD_DESCRIPTION instead of just DESCRIPTION. We have used this approach to give us uniquely named columns across all our tables .

      I can’t find a way of doing this in Data Modeler, unless we actually include the prefix as part of the attribute name.

      Templates in Design Preferences gives you control over the naming of various types of keys / constraints/indexes, but doesn't seem to include columns.

      Is there a way of getting Data Modeler to assign a prefix to a column, preferably when engineering from logical to relational model ?