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    uln-yum-mirror is not adding modules.yaml.gz to repodata


      I have discovered an issue with how uln-yum-mirror works with Oracle Linux 8 repos. With Oracle Linux 8 there is a new concept called Application Streams (AppStreams) and with that on the yum/dnf side there's some metadata involved. A new file called "modules.yaml.gz".


      You can see this on one of the public-yum repos here:



      On our local yum mirror, the file is downloaded during the sync process to:



      While the uln-yum-mirror process is currently broken with regards to this because it does not add this metadata to the repomd.xml, I have a workaround. You can use the 'modifyrepo' command to manually add the metadata to the repo like this:

      # cd /var/www/html/yum/OracleLinux/OL8/appstream/x86_64

      # modifyrepo --simple-md-filenames ./modules.yaml.gz repodata/