how to read XML with out tns prefix(:tns) for each element in BPEL Transformation


    Hi Experts,

    I have created an BPEL process to read the xml message from database and transform to load in to the database tables and it is working fine only when prefixing the :tns in the input message(like <tns:Header>) for all the elements including the root element but I don't get this prefix name space in the input message.

    can you please how to ignore this namespace while reading the message and transform with out any issues.

    my message looks something like below and want to process the same with out any changes to the message..please let me know how to change the namespace in XSD and transformations to ignore default namespace

    <a:EventMessages xmlns:a="http://xxx/notifications/v200701"><EventMessage xmlns:b="" b:type="a:AlertOpen"><Header><RecordType>AE</RecordType></Header></EventMessage></a:EventMessages>