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    Losing PKs and Arcs


      I just switched to 19.1 from an earlier version and I just noticed that some, but not all, entities in my logical model no longer have attributes associated with their primary key.  Also, all of my arcs are gone.  At first, I thought it was my error, or just a bug in upgrading from the earlier version.  So I recreated the arcs and made sure that all entities had the ID attribute set as primary key.  Saved the design.


      But I opened the design this morning, and they are gone again. I'm going to download the previous version and see what happens with it.

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          Downloaded 18.4 and opened my design.  Not only are the arcs that I re-created back, but the original arcs are there too - I had to delete the new ones I created.  The primary key attributes are all marked as part of the primary keys too.


          So whatever is going on is new with 19.1.  Guess I'll stick with 18.4.


          * Just noticed that someone had already reported this and Philip says it is fixed in 19.2.