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    BP Workflow condition configuration question


      We have a previously created workflow in our production enviornment, we ended up needing to switch out one of the trigger elements in the workflowl. We modified the trigger element in the workflow in UDesigner in our Staging environment and then copied the workflow setup in the template (also in Staging). It came in with all the configuration setup blank. So we had to basically go into each workflow condition and add the groups back in, reconfigure the whole thing. We created a Component list which included the BP design and the Shell template BP's setup. Created a configuration package and pushed it into our Production environment.


      Our Production environment shows the updates we made to the BP in UDesigner and the workflow exists as an option we can add "new" to the template under Templates > Shells > Projects > Setup > BP > Workflows, but once again the entire configuration within the workflow is blank. We have to reselect all the groups, the filters, who (if anyone is cc'd), the consensus vs single approval, the whole works. Why is this coming in blank? I'm assuming we forgot to do something somewhere and that's why it's coming in this way. It makes no sense to do all this work in Staging just to have to do it again in Production. Any ideas on what we missed?

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          Pooja Durge

          Did you change the trigger element of workflow which is pushed in production ?

          We cannot change the existing workflow in staging once it is pushed to production.

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            The trigger element in the workflow was changed in UDesigner in Staging and was pushed into Production yes. I checked to make sure that it had after we imported the configuration package.


            The issue we are having has to do with the Workflow Setup > Settings tab in the template in our Production Environment not pulling in any of the Workflow Configuration settings, which were set up in our Staging Environment.


            For instance the Creation step should have preassigned Assignees and this is coming in blank. The first approver step should be pulling in Preassigned 3 groups filtered based on an approval path for a specific location and the step completion policy should be set to All - Consensus. This is all blank.