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    Manager Identifiers Oracle



      In Setup guide p 4-164:

      Manager Identifiers Oracle:

      This field displays the ORACLE process ID associated with the manager process. This

      field cannot be updated.


      My question:

      Is there any corresponding row in v$session or other oracle table for Manager Identifiers Oracle?



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          You may try this.

          1. To locate the Standard Manager process (FNDLIBR) from the back-end.
            1. Sysadmin > Concurrent > Manager > Administer Screen > Process > note down the column 'System'
            2. Go to the OS prompt of Concurrent Manager tier
              1. ps -ef | grep <pid from step a.>
          2. To know the corresponding session details (at DB tier)

                    SQL> SELECT sid, process,machine, program, MODULE FROM v$session s

                              WHERE s.process IN ('&client_pid fndlibr');