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    creating and deleting attributes are getting delayed in Upgraded webcenter imaging 12c environment




      we have recently upgraded oracle webcenter imaging from version to 12c version in Test environment. we are planning to upgrade same to production as well.


      Currently we found issue in test environment,  creation and deletion of any attributes in webcenter imaging 12c application takes long time. its getting delayed by 10 mints 15 mints to see the attribute in imaging serve and even backed DB side also not visible immediately.


      same as when we process invoice/pdf from capture to imaging also taking much time to see in webcenter imaging 12c.Existing data volume in Test environment is less than 10 K contents.


      even in 11g vesion also,  it takes 40 to 50 sec time for indexing the file after checkedin.


      what could be the reason for slowness of file process and delaying attributes takes long time to visible.


      Please advise what are configurations need to check to fix this issue and we want to be shown files/ attributes in webcenter imaging immediately after created or deleted. it should reflect immediately in imaging server.


      Please let us know what would be best options to fix this issue asap and how to improve the indexing during large loads.


      Kindly do the needful.