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    Oracle ADF not able to show delete button




      I am new to Oracle ADF and not able to show delete button in ADF (JSF page) however insert button is perfectly visible.


      Delete button Code:

      <!--<af:button actionListener="#{bindings.Delete.execute}" text="Delete"

                                                 disabled="#{!bindings.Delete.enabled}" id="b2" icon="/images/delete_24.png"/>

                                      <af:button actionListener="#{bindings.Commit.execute}" text="Save"

                                                 disabled="#{!bindings.Commit.enabled}" id="b3" icon="/images/save_24.png"/>-->

      Insert button Code:

        <af:button actionListener="#{bindings.CreateInsert.execute}" text="Add"

                                                 disabled="#{!bindings.CreateInsert.enabled}" id="b1"



      Help me to find the root cause.