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    New object not appear after update svn working copy




      Working with SVN at version 19.1.



      1. Checkout project at PC1.
      2. Create new object (e.g. table) at sheet.
      3. Commit changes to SVN repository.
      4. Go to PC2. Press Refresh incoming changes.
      5. At this step sometime we do not see any changes, or sometime we have error message about "%25D0%25A3%25D0LastAddedObjects.xml not found".


      6. Then press "Update working copy" but no any changes on sheet. In SVN server logs we see requests and in network sniffer we see packages.

      7. Just for test jump to tab "Incoming Changes" and press "Refresh". No any messages in SVN logs. And no any packages in network sniffer.

      7. Restart Oracle Data Modeler, open project, changes appear.