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    Numeric Value Out of Range error when querying Large Tables (2+ billion rows) via Oracle ODBC client and MS Access


      We query Oracle tables using Microsoft Access GUI via Oracle Client (using 32 bit Oracle Instant Client v18.5 and MS Access 2016).


      When linking large tables, I get the error "[Oracle] [ODBC] Numeric Value out of range (#0)" . By large tables I mean tables with more than ~2.14 billion rows ( I believe exact threshold for this error is 2^31 ) .



      I did came across an Oracle support documentation describing this issue.  https://support.oracle.com/knowledge/Oracle%20Database%20Products/1318028_1.html

      The solution proposed in the document is not viable for us as we don't want to mess with the DBMS_STATS.SET_TABLE_STATS table. 


      Although the Oracle support put the blame on MS Access, we found that using a third party ODBC driver (from Dewart) will solve the issue. However we want to avoid paying license fee for the third party software if possible.



      Does anyone know a way to fix this issue without buying third party software?