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    32-bit TCP listener app running on 64-bit Oracle VM (WinServer 2019) won't open ports


      We have an old 32-bit C++ service app that opens and listens on several TCP ports.

      The app needs to be moved to a contemporary server, and to test it, we are using Win Server 2019 running on an Oracle VirtualBox installation, which is in turn hosted on a Win 10 machine. Win Server 2019 via the Oracle VM is configured to use a "Bridged Connection" and is assigned an IP address. All of the IP-related connectivity works except the open/listen aspects.

      The app communicates correctly with other TCP-based resources (it connects to both MySQL and SqlExpress). It seemingly opens the TCP ports that it needs to open and listen on, but doing a "netstat -nao" shows that nothing is listening on the specified ports (6000, 7000, etc.), so the open/listen functionality is not working.

      There are several possible reasons why the app is not working correctly:

      1. There is a problem with networking related to using a bridged connections on Oracle VM.  Are there any known issues with opening a port/socket through a Bridged Connection?

      2. There is a compatibility issue with running this 32-bit app on a 64-bit OS. Just to be sure, the binaries were installed under "Program Files (X86)" but that doesn't help.

      Any ideas?