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    Oracle Linux Management with Enterprise Manager 13.3


      Our Oracle DBA's have been using OEM and recently upgraded to 13.3. I have migrated our SUSE Linux servers to Oracle Linux 7.6 and currently using Spacewalk 2.6 to manage them. I am going to look at managing the Oracle Linux servers with OEM and just was curious of any thoughts on those of you using OEM to manage your Oracle Linux environments, pros and cons over Spacewalk.


      I am reading this document - http://www.oracle.com/us/technologies/linux/linux-with-enterprise-manager-1959006.pdf to try and get a test server under OEM management to play around and test the waters. One thing I noticed is the document show this - From Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c version 13.3, a new Oracle Linux Home target has been introduced. View the Oracle Linux Home from the Cloud Menu via Enterprise > Cloud > Oracle Linux Home. When I click on Oracle Linux Home from the Cloud Menu via Enterprise > Cloud > I don't see anything that says Oracle Linux or Linux anything. Is there a component that might still need to be installed on OEM since this is currently just being used for the databases?


      Also, is there a quick way to add clients in bulk should I go this route without needing the root credentials? I am sure more questions will come up as I get more familiar with the navigation and actually get a host under OEM management. Oh yeah, I also didn't see any place to have OEM pull patches or key in the ULN information to update systems.