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    webutil_file_transfer.client_to_db functionality




      We are using webutil_file_transfer.client_to_db to load pdf documents into the database.

      We click on a button in the form and a popup window (file browse) appears, where you can navigate through

      the file system, to the required document.

      This is working and we receive a pop up message  - File Uploaded


      We are using this code



      v_uploaded := webutil_file_transfer.client_to_db(clientFile      => v_file_name,

                                                                                    tableName       => 'KONTRAKT_VERPACK_SPEZ',

                                                                                    columnName      => 'KVS_DOKUMENT',

                                                                                    whereClause     => 'KVS_KON_NR = '||:kon.kon_nr,

                                                                                    asynchronous    => FALSE,

                                                                                    callbackTrigger => to_Char(NULL));


      if v_uploaded then

      lib$.msg('File Uploaded');


      do some other things


      else lib$.msg('File Uploaded Failed');   

      end if;



      My issue is that if the user just wants to type in the file path to the document in the file browser, then the document

      will not load into the database

      The file path is like this


      This is not working and we receive a pop up message  - File Uploaded Failed


      Any ideas ?





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          Robert Fernandes

          Please check and confirm transfer.database.enabled property to 'TRUE', in webutil.cfg file

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            Michael Ferrante-Oracle

            A few pieces of information you did not include that may be helpful, especially since I cannot reproduce what you are describing using and (not publicly available yet).


            1.  Exactly which Forms version are you using?  Please include at least the first four sets of numbers as I did above.


            2.  Exactly which Java version are you using on the user's machine?


            3.  Did you enable the file transfer settings, as Robert Fernandes mentioned?  Note that for transfer to the db, you also need to enable transfer to the middle tier.


            4.  You said, "...we receive a pop up message...".  Exactly what does this message say?  If all it says is "File upload failed", this suggests it may be your own message.  Disabling your message and allowing Forms to throw the error may be more helpful as more information likely will be presented.


            5.  You mentioned that the path to the file was:   T:\....  Is this a network shared (mapped) drive or is it a local drive?  Generally the use of mapped drives is discouraged and the use of UNC is not supported.

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