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    Oracle WebCenter Forms Recognition


      hello ,


      we installed oracle forms recognition to automated invoice processing .

      now the problem is in invoice clearness , suppliers send their invoices not clear enough to be extracted well .

      and some suppliers sent their carbon copy of invoice .

      is their any work around solution to enhance extraction result ?

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          William Phelps

          No.  There is no workaround.


          The old axiom of "garbage in, garbage out" positively applies here.  Your vendor must understand that sending poor images simply will result in longer processing times.


          Forms Recognition can work with less-than-pristine images, but in general:

          • You cannot use photocopies of an invoice.  Think about a printed fax that is subsequently copied.  A fax is originally printed at a lower resolution anyway.  Photocopying just exacerbates the problem by making the image lighter.
          • Speaking of faxes, faxes typically are printed at 150 dpi or less.  This introduces smoothing/spacing issues between pixels when the fax is converted to 300 dpi TIFF for WFR.  These new extra "gray-ish" hued pixels interfere with the extraction.
          • Handwriting, stamps, lines created by dirty rollers from a copier... these all are not acceptable.


          The AP solution guide has a section on image quality.  I'd suggest reading up on that section, and following the recommendations.    

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