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    SQL Developer 19.2 slow connecting to CDB - Solved


      SQL Developer 19.2 (Linux) - Java also tested with Java 11.0.2. Tested using cdb/pdb database on external server (linux)

      The database used for testing is Standard edition and has only 1 pluggable database attached to the container.


      Issue is when connecting to a container database (CDB) the process is very slow.


      SQL Developer 19.2

      Connecting to CDB completes in 3 minutes.

      Connection to PDB completes in 10 seconds.


      SQL Developer 19.1

      Connecting to CDB completes in 10 seconds.

      Connection to PDB completes in 10 seconds.





      The connecting issue is strange as SQL Developer 19.1 connection time is consistent for both the CDB/PDB


      Any suggestions on correcting the issue would be appreciated.


      For now I have reverted back to 19.1




      Solution: Tools -> Preferences -> Code Editor -> Completion Insight -> uncheck Completion Auto-Popup in SQL Worksheet

      After making the change connection to CDB works correctly - no delay.

      Tested against 12.2 and 18.0