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    Your feedback wanted: New Update to Oracle Developer Tools for VS Code version 19.3.1 (released 7/31/19)

    Christian.Shay -Oracle


      We have just released a new update to Oracle Developer Tools for VS Code, version 19.3.1 (released 7/31/19). Please try it out and start a thread in this forum with your feedback.


      Visual Studio Code automatically checks for extension updates and installs them. After updating you will be prompted to restart Visual Studio Code. If you have disabled automatic updates, press F1 to open the Command Palette and enter the Check for Extension Updates command and click the Update... button which will appear in the list of installed extensions.


      If you are new to this extension, please see the quickstart:



      Changes in version 19.3.1

      • New Oracle Database Explorer tree control: connect and explore the Oracle schema, view table data, view, edit and save PL/SQL packages, procedures and functions. Run Stored Procedure/Functions with a UI for entering parameter values
      • Detect missing .NET Core runtime and direct user to web page
      • Tabbed results window while remembering user's choice of window location
      • Tightened up UI with less white space
      • Menu items changed to "Execute SQL" and "Execute All"
      • Execute SQL (Ctrl-E) now executes only selected statement(s) or the statement that the cursor is on rather then the entire SQL file
      • Fixed DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE not displaying in results window
      • Show detailed PL/SQL errors.