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    Showing sum in text item for every record in data block


      This is my problem.


      In the field Ukupan iznos po vrstama naknade i need to get sum of all Iznos from Stavke datablock for record which is selected in the first block,  when i change record in first datablock I need to get all sum from that block.
      I have button and in trigger it breaks Iznos from the first block into second datablock. when selecting record in the first frame it does sum in text field.
      For example when  501 ID is selected  i need to get sum 91.49 and when selecting record 502 i need to get  100.

      Code inside the button is here  Looping through data block items and populating other block items .

      This two data block are master detail.



      Button is in third data block.



      How will i achieve that , Any advice how could I do this ?