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    Change table template



      I work with 3 models: ZZZ_AAAAAA, ZZZ_BBBBBB, ZZZ_CCCCCC (it's the same name of schema).

      We use "Table template" with 3 tablespace: ZZZ_******_D01

      When I want to generate DDL, I must remember to open Preferences and to change the tablespace from ****** to AAAAAA or BBBBBB or CCCCC.

      Sometimes I open a different model, but I forgot to change and, when I create the DDL, I need to re-open preferences, to change the template.

      Question: Can I have this tablespace template in the design properties?


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          Philip Stoyanov-Oracle

          I wonder how you do DDL generation with changed template - the templates are used only when new object (table in this case) is created and physical model is open.

          When new physical model is created then the template will be applied for all tables from relational model.



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            Exactly, but in each "CREATE TABLE..." I have the tablespace name like in this code:


            CREATE TABLE ZZZ_table1 (









            If the tablespace template is in the tool preferences, when I want to change model to design the schema ZZZ_BBBBBB, I still have ZZZ_AAAAAA_D01.



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              You can change this for each individual table in the Physical Model for the RDBMS Site that you are targeting.  Just add all the tablespaces you will be using to the "Tablespaces" in the Browser.  Then open the table in the Physical (not the Relational) model and select the tablespace for that table and save.  If you want to set the tablespace for a number of tables at once, you can do that by doing a search of the Physical Model for the tables that belong in the same tablespace.  Then click the Properties button, and you will find "Table space" as one of the properties that you can set. Select the tablespace and Apply your change.


              By the way, I always save my design before I make mass changes with the Search or a Transformation script.

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                Thanks for your answer Philip and jflack.


                I search an automatism.

                To change manually the tablespace for each table or index is too long and the template is an excellent functionality of data modeler.

                We have a table space for data and a tablespace for indexes in each schema, having the template is very useful.

                I should pay attention before create DDL.


                Thanks anyway.

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                  Read my answer again - you can change the tablespace for many tables or many indexes all at one time by using Data Modeler's Search capability.  Just search for the ones you want to change in Physical Model, press the Properties button, then change the "Table space" property.  Once you apply the change, it will be done in ALL the objects in your search result at once.  No changing manually one by one.

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                    Sorry jflack...

                    I find it, thank you very much