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    Goldengate data errors-How to re-execute




      Is there anyway that we can re-execute the Goldengate data errors, just like in streams?  The errors are in exception tables.  GG version version.

      In streams we can use dbms_apply_errors.execute_all_errors to re-execute the errors.  is there a similar one available in GoldenGate?


      Thank you.

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          Hi ,


          May I know, what you are trying to achieve in here by re-executing it? In OGG, you can save the error records either in the Discard file or in an Exception table. The Discard file or Exception table gets filled with the problematic records when the replicat process abend. You can check this file or exception table and manually, perform the DML operations on the target table. But if the record counts are huge in size, then it would be a hectic job. Also, this is not recommended.


          I don't think you have such option like streams in OGG. But, in real time, to over come the errors or just to bypass the errors, you can use the below parameter,




          Please check the below document for more details.




          But the option which you are searching for is not available in OGG.




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            Hi Veera,


            Thanks for the response.  Yes, we are already getting the problematic records into the exception tables.  I was Just wondering if there is a way that we can reconcile the records  in OGG as in streams.


            Are  there any plan to add this feature to OGG in the upcoming releases?   if the errors logged into dictionary tables like in streams(DBA_APPLY_ERROR), instead of custom exception tables?  These 2 features would help a lot.


            Thank you.

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              Hi Brian,


              It would be better if you open an SR and check with Oracle. You can request them to open an Enhancement Request. But this enhancement will be included in the OGG release only if the requirement is made by majority of the customers.




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                Vikas Panwar

                1. If you want to reprocess only the errored out records later point in time.

                2. then what will happen to transactions which occurred after this update in step1 .


                I believe to keep data consistency, the correct way is to abend the process and then figure out whats the issue.

                If the requirement is "let keep going" then use exception handling in goldengate and then figure out what you need to do later

                follow this link to see if this suits you.


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                  This (enhancement) is not going to happen although I don't work for Oracle. Streams and OGG are designed very differently. Streams is a coupled system, ie it wait for the target to replicate to denotes a completion. OGG is decoupled, the capture does its thing into a trail. You can apply this immediately if you wish but you can choose to do so next year on an Oracle DB or DB2 or mySQL all using the same trail.

                  Oracle has a marketing garb call Veridata repair, DO NOT use this, it is terrible and works only under the most narrow of circumstances.


                  Kee Gan