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    Oracle 7.6 V980739-01.iso fails to burn to DVD


      I am having a problem with the Oracle Linux 7.6 V980739-01.iso not burning to a DVD.

      The burn says successful but there are no files on the final DVD.

      The downloaded iso file size is 4.4GB and I have already re-downloaded.

      Burning to DVD single, double layer or blue ray all end up the same.

      Burn says success but no files on the DVD.

      I have burned many iso's to DVD from Oracle but this one is not working.


      Can someone try downloading the V980739-01.iso ISO and try to burn to DVD.

      After the burn, please try to read the files on the DVD.


      Thanks in advance,


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          Whether or not anyone else can burn the DVD will not help you. If there was something wrong with the ISO image then no one would be able to use it.


          To help you any further, you need to describe what software you are using and how you burn the DVD. There are too many odds and unknowns. What was the last Oracle Linux ISO you burned successfully?


          If I remember correctly, starting with release 6.6 the ISO format has changed, which simplifies the process to copy the media to USB. If you use some old DVD burning software that mounts the ISO and creates a boot record, this will no longer functions and is no longer necessary.


          A few tips:

          Verify the downloaded ISO checksum.

          Be sure to burn the raw iso image and not the mounted iso image.

          Make sure to burn the DVD's with the right speed - 1x will be most compatible.

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            Went home and was able to download and burn the ISO.

            My version of Roxio is newer at home which may have been the problem if the iso format has changed starting in 6.6.

            Thanks for the reply,