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    Find in stored program units does not work


      I noticed the following problem since 19,1. I was hoping it will get fixed in 19.2 but it is not.

      Below test is done on 19.2.

      Execute the following:


      create procedure test_find as


        dbms_output.put_line('some text');



      From the left hand pane navigate to Procedures and find procedure test_find.

      Click on it so that the procedure ddl opens in a new SQL Developer tab.

      Press ctrl-f to open the find

      On the find text box type:


      The text is not found.

      On the find text box type:


      The text is found.

      On the find text box type:


      The text is not found.


      Find does not work correctly. I use it a lot to search for text in stored program units and it does not return everything that needs to return.

      Does anybody else have the same problem or it's just me?